Hi, I’m Maxwell, a web developer from Cincinnati, Ohio. I specialize in the design and upkeep of sites and applications. Welcome to my corner of the web! Can I help with your project? Tell me how.

Clients & Friends

Aroma Gourmet
Bon Ton Salon
Bright Corp.
Bright House Publishers
Bruce Botts
Citrus & Sago
Empowering Enterprises, Inc.
Home Enrichments
Jane Schildman
Jennifer Peyer
Mark Bowser
Michael Mills
Natural Vitality Solutions
Paul Liew
Precise Modern
Promenade Spaniels
Wraps of Remembrance
Xander The Destroyer



Maxwell White makes my businesses run smoothly. My family owns two companies and Max runs the IT and websites for both companies. Max always finds an answer…and we have given him some sticky problems to solve. He has created apps, IT solutions, websites, etc…. all tailored to our companies. He is the ultimate team player. A man of integrity who I am honored to have on my team.

Mark E. Bowser
President, Empowering Enterprises, Inc. and Vice President, Bright Corporation

Maxwell White helped my business flourish by providing me with all things IT. The new website that Max designed has increased my sales exponentially; he makes all his projects user-friendly. Max will stay in constant communication to ensure complete satisfaction with the products he creates and services he offers.

Max has been a mentor and someone I respect. He is a genuine person and will go to extreme lengths to make sure you succeed.

Jennifer Peyer

Thank you for everything! You really helped to enlighten and focus me on organizing my thoughts before going public. I really appreciate your input and efforts.

Thanks again!

Susan Finegan
Finegan Inspection Services

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