On Graphic Design

I don’t generally bill myself as a graphic designer, but I do enough that I felt it was worth sharing here on my site. Here are a few of the things that I’ve put together for myself and others over the last few years.


My business card


My dad’s business card


Bon Ton Full Service Salon Icon / Logo


A splash image for Hancock Saver. Hancock Saver was a small application that I put together with the aim of making creating digital signatures easier. I shelved the project to focus on other things.


Experimenting with designing a WordPress theme


My Christmas cards for last year! I signed the black side with a silver sharpie.


Cinci Properties Logo


A set of header images for Newsletters written by Mark Bowser


An icon for a gaming community I’m a part of


Minimalist logo for my new company, Cincicom


The Cabinet Door Store; a logo and icon


A splash image for Webnapkin.com


Webnapkin Logo, version 1. Check out the application at https://webnapkin.com/